Accelerative Learning for Real Education

The demands of the 21st Century require a new kind of Learner.  21st century Learners must create innovative solutions to different challenges using a different set of skills than the 20th century.  

ICAL’s teaching and learning system, ICAL Inside, is the blueprint for real education, using an innovative accelerative learning approach for every aspect of education.  

ICAL Inside combines integrated curriculum design aligned to international standards with innovative instructional design focused on humanistic learner outcomes, delivered by motivated teachers who are trained to produce results.

Why is ICAL Inside so powerful?  Because it is inquiry-based and learner-centered, it is acquired by every teacher and every learner in their own unique way, depending on their individual learning preferences. 

It is chosen rather than imposed, and thus becomes a new way of being for teachers and students alike.  ICAL resides inside each person, to be expressed in his or her own way.  It is one system embodied in a thousand different ways.

ICAL creates Innovationeers™ who have the ability to create the new solutions required for the new global economy in which we are living.  Innovationeers can work in teams; they can conduct business in two or more languages; they are confident, creative and possess a value-based work ethic.  Click on the Spotlight button to discover more about our Innovationeer program.

How do you create Innovationeers in your organization?  That is ICAL’s specialty!  We have worked all over the world developing human capacity within every school district, country, or organization.  

That is another critical skill in the 21st Century – developing internal capacity rather than importing it.  ICAL’s approach to developing capacity is guaranteed and represents an excellent return on investment.

Accelerative Learning: Why choose ICAL? 

ICAL Origins

The International Center for Accelerative Learning (ICAL) began in 1984 with a unique concept — we guarantee our student results!  Using Accelerative Learning, we started a language institute with 8 languages and grew into developing curriculum and instructional design for governments, large organizations, and school districts.

ICAL Today

ICAL has over 32 years of performance results in English, Technical, Business, and Educational applications throughout the world.

Our mission is to provide a system of learning that empowers students and teachers with new skills for the workplace, the ability to innovate at the speed of global change, and the mindset of a responsible world citizen.

ICAL offers teacher training that builds capacity for school districts and organizations, turn-key courses that combine workplace skills with dual literacy in a second language, and a remarkable instructional design that empowers both teachers and students. Click here for ICAL Biographies.

"Those who turn good (organizations) into great (organizations) are
motivated by a deep creative urge and an inner compulsion for sheer
unadulterated excellence for its own sake."
-- Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great"

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