What makes ICAL unique?

Builds internal human capital of teachers
to ensure long-term sustainability.

Combines technology, communication and teamwork skills
with target language and content. 

Replicates teacher results and student retention
using lesson plans with art, drama and music.

Provides training, materials, and curriculum 
to sustain and replicate results for teachers.

Combines 11 research-based theories 
to improve measurable results for students.

Maximizes effective (content-based) learning 
to enhance classroom instruction.

Develops affective (esteem-based) learning 
to achieve intrinsic motivation and long-term retention.

Allows students to apply learning to new situations 
to integrate critical thinking skills and attitudes.

Provides students with a global perspective 
to experience awareness of other cultures .

Measures results using international standards 
(UN) (NSPI) (ASTD) (TESOL) (TOEIC) and others.

Delivers 8 levels of proficiency in all 4 literacy skills 
to create advanced multi-lingual speakers.

Why is ICAL Inside successful?
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