ICAL Testimonials

"Accelerated Learning was and remains the best and most useful training I have received as a teacher.  During the course of the training, I was afforded the opportunity to closely interact with other teachers.  Our individual strengths were pulled together to form a formidable group of teachers.  I discovered my persona and strategically adopted it.  Continued feedback was provided which led to continued improvement and onward selection as a member of the mentor team.  Rigorous and long hours of training, which would normally be tiring was made fun. We had great joy in learning and comradeship.

I was exposed to a researched and proven effective method of foreign language instruction.  This is called the spiral method.  As opposed to boring students with a linear teaching method, I cover different related themes in a lesson, thereby making the lesson rich and interesting.  It is more natural and practical because in real life we do not narrow our language learners to a single topic.  

The provision and use of the accelerative lesson plans which is online for easy access facilitated the job of teachers in our school system.  There is an obvious alignment to the core curriculum and standard.  Less dynamic and less creative teachers are no longer required to invent the will.

Above all, the ICAL trainers have never relented in keeping in touch with their great “products” like me.  I am constantly reminded of my commitment to being an accelerative teacher, enriched with best practices whenever I receive seasonal mails from the ICAL group."

C. Ugonna
Mentor Teacher

"I go on your website from time to time and look at the pictures.  They show what joy you guys bring to a classroom.  Ah, the joy!  I miss being your apprentice."
 L. Rosbottom
Customer Service Training Solutions

"I still have not seen a greater presentation of effective differentiated learning. The School District does not know the magnitude of its loss by not absorbing your training throughout all the disciplines of its structure.  The District keeps introducing new contractors but I have yet to meet as intense a workshop as those conducted during your contracted stay. Thank you for sending me your newsletter. I wish you a great year in the disseminating of your skilled training programs."
J. Whyte
Lead Spanish Instructor

"Learning with ICAL was an enlightening, innovating, clear, brilliant, energizing, renovating experience which was unequivocally orthodox and complete in content, and revolutionary and dynamic in methodology. A life changing experience. It was an encounter with what I had been looking for to enhance and empower my professional career and in many ways my personal life too. I have highly recommended ICAL as the best Accelerative Learning teaching company which is also focused on transforming the world into a better place. Thank you ICAL for helping me shift my life towards what I had always been looking for."
M. Defossé 
León, México

"I feel that after so much training together, you feel more like a family and not just instructors.  You have shared your vast knowledge and I admire you for your professionalism.  You have not only touched my life in a professional way and helped me to grow and learn as a teacher, you have also helped me to grow stronger, become more confident and raised my self-esteem in personal areas.  Thank you for everything, truly and sincerely."
E. Zoheir.
Atlanta, GA.

"I know you have trained many students and may not remember me.  I was in the ATLANTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS session (French).  I am no longer with Atlanta Public Schools, I transferred to Gwinnett County.  I am so so so so enjoying my school and students.  All of your techniques, i.e. incorporating music in the classroom, spiraling, reading with emphasis, using pictures, etc ... have worked wonders.  I truly enjoy teaching and my students love it as well.  I hope one day when you visit Atlanta, you can visit me and see your techniques in place.  Taking that workshop was the best thing for my teaching career .  THANKS. "

Elementary School Teacher
Atlanta , GA

"Feliz Año Nuevo!!!  I hope everybody is doing well.  I miss you all.  I'm working as a Spanish Teacher for a Private School in Decatur, GA.  They already asked me to be a Mentor Teacher.  They are very happy with my job here and the performance of my kids. I'm teaching PK-8th grade. I still using everything that I learned in your classes.  The kids love the games, the readings, etc.).  Thanks for everything that I learned with ICAL. " 
Foreign Language Teacher
Atlanta, GA

"I'd love to tell people that my professional life is completely different after meeting ICAL and happily I can say that I do not want to go back to the previous times. What I learned from ICAL, nobody can take it away from me because I learned so well and it is so internally inside of me that it flows spontaneously. So many resources! A different point of view! I can really feel the passion and vocation of my profession and when ICAL came into my life it was a great revolution! My students learn quickly and in a great environment! Every day they come to the class with a big smile, always expecting something different and their parents are extremely happy with their confidence in learning and their abilities to speak and write in Spanish!! On behalf of my students and myself... thanks a lot for teaching me so much!! "

Foreign Language Teacher
Washington, D.C.

"I'm blessed that you were my teachers, you are an inspiration to me to be the best teacher ever, you gave me the tools to reach my goals and enough smiles and good times to keep you with warm memories in my heart. You helped me fulfill my potential, I'm thankful for all that you've done and the positive effect you have had on me and my life. Everyday you are planting seeds and touching lives, what a priceless role!  You must know the special place I hold in my heart for you." 
Elementary Teacher
Colegio Humane
León, Gto. Mexico.

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