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Self-Study Program

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Self-Study Overview

For the past 30 years, ICAL has trained students in the Accelerative Learning methodology through live classes.  The minimum class time is one full week to complete Level One Accelerative Learning Basics and there are 12 levels taught over 19 weeks in the total sequence to train in design, coaching, mentoring and mastery levels.

Because the live training is usually part of a customized long term intervention hosted within a large organization, it is not available to the general public who would like training in the methodology.

Many past clients who are looking for updated refresher courses and individuals and smaller organizations that are just beginning their training in Accelerative Learning have approached us for training.  In order to meet current requests, we have designed this self-study program.

The self-study program is 160 lessons in total.  Each lesson can generally be completed in one hour.

There is no doubt that a self-study program has different outcomes to a live class.  There are special nuances of a live class that cannot be achieved in a self-study due to the absence of interactive group dynamics and a live instructor.  However, after completing this 160 lesson program, you will have a solid knowledge and understanding of the methodology of Accelerative Learning and be in a position to apply and connect theory to your everyday teaching and training needs.

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