As a tribute to the late Dr. Lozanov, who passed away in May 2012, the next issue of our newsletter will be published in June, and will be a memorial newsletter in his honor.  He truly was a great man.  He was our dear friend and mentor and we will keep him alive in our hearts and work.  It makes our memories of his 2010 Anniversary Symposium in Bulgaria even more precious.

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Innovation-AL Issue #10:  ICAL in Action
The International Scientific Conference on Suggestopedia; ICAL's World Tour 2010 -2011; Suggestopedic Teaching; Certification Training

Here is a summary of some of our previous newsletters.  Collect the Complete Set by contacting us and ordering now.  They are FREE… so the only thing you risk is not knowing this information about the upcoming global wave of innovation skills!

Innovation-AL Issue #9:  Coaching
Nuances of a Pure Suggestopedic Teacher; Proficiency vs. Competency in Language Learning; Bloom's Taxonomy for Educational and Corporate Applications

Innovation-AL Issue #8:  Mentoring
Lozanov's Laws of Reservopedia, suggestopedic teaching, coaching & mentoring for generational differences (Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z)

Innovation-AL Issue #7:  Coaching
Flexibility in Instructional Design: instructor roles of teacher, trainer & facilitator; ICAL Coaching - what makes it different and what coaching sessions we offer.

Innovation-AL Issue #6:  Mentoring
How do you replicate Accelerative Learning Training & Design?  ICAL's Virtual Mentoring  - how our Virtual Mentoring approach evolved and what mentoring options we offer.

Innovation-AL Issue #5:  Innovation Readiness
What Innovation Readiness is; the different kind of organizations who can disseminate it, and how to create it inside your country.  Be sure to order this next provocative installment in the ICAL Innovation Series!

Innovation-AL Issue #4:  Innovation Institutes
The best way to predict the future is to invent it!  Find out how to bring an Innovation Institute to your country to develop the greatest resource of any nation – its people!

Innovation-AL Issue #3:  Innovation Teachers
Discover the four economies that currently exist on our planet and how to create teachers to develop qualified local nationals for each economy. 

Innovation-AL Issue #2:  Innovation Curriculum
Find out the 3 different tracks of curriculum and what skills can be acquired from each one.  A must for all those designers among our site visitors!

Innovation-AL Issue #1:  Innovation Skills
A complete list of critical skills needed for the 21st Century from the folks who should know – 
• UNESCO, the United Nations, 
• The International Federation of Training and Development (IFTDO),
• The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and 
• The International Society for Performance and instruction (ISPI) 
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