ICAL’s Innovationeer™ Programs

ICAL’s programs create students who are ready for the global economy of the 21st Century.  

They are ready to succeed in higher education or in the workplace.  

They successfully demonstrate the skills of:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Self-initiative
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptation to rapid change
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-esteem
  • The desire for personal excellence

ICAL’s Accelerative Learning Innovation Curriculum develops over 78 essential skills, attitudes and behavior for long-term success in the Knowledge economy.

When students finish with our programs, they are Innovationeers™!

ICAL’s proprietary system, ICAL Inside, combines all the critical elements for success.  

That is why every program we install is guaranteed!  

ICAL’s programs combine all these elements shown below for a one-of-a-kind learning system designed for the challenges of the 21st Century global economy!

ICAL’s Innovation System delivers these outcomes for students and teachers:

  • Replicates results and maintains engagement through detailed lesson plans
  • Boosts self-esteem by providing a successful experience
  • Engages students with fun, varied, active and fast-paced activities
  • Builds teamwork skills through collaborative learning and group activities
  • Increases attendance by providing safe, supportive and relevant activities
  • Creates critical thinking by simulating real-world situations 
  • Provides students with effective (content) and affective (emotional) learning
  • Addresses students' learning and processing styles for rapid acquisition
  • Supports parent involvement with home-based practice
  • Addresses student strengths and weaknesses through instructional design
  • Promotes life-long learning by involving parents and siblings
  • Encourages self-expression by providing varied experiences in class
  • Develops cultural awareness and tolerance by example and simulation

Innovationeer™  English and ESOL Programs

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  • Provides training, materials, and curriculum to sustain and replicate results for teachers 
  • Combines 11 research-based theories to improve measurable results for students
  • Maximizes effective (content-based) learning
  to enhance classroom instruction
  • Develops affective (esteem-based) learning to achieve intrinsic motivation and long-term retention
  • Allows students to apply learning to new situations to integrate critical thinking skills and attitudes
  • Includes technology, communication, and teamwork to provide workplace skills for a global economy
  • Provides students with a global perspective to experience working with other cultures 
  • Measures results using international standards
  (UN) (NSPI) (ASTD) (TESOL) (TOEIC) and others
  • Delivers Business Level proficiency in all 4 skills
  to create advanced speakers for education or workplace