ICAL Innovation Standards

Creating Innovationeers is a job that ICAL takes seriously, especially with the ICAL Performance Guarantee! 

Our innovative training courses and curriculum – whether they are 30 hours or 720 hours long - are carefully created with lots of attention to details which allow participants to enjoy the training, remember and apply what they have learned, and perform better back on the job, which provides their organization with a measurable return on investment in both human and financial terms.

Here are the standards that make the ICAL Inside experience so unique.  Remember . . . everything is done by design, for the sole purpose of increasing participant self-esteem, retention, recall, and practical use of all the skills they need to know to be an Innovationeer!

For more detail about our standards, please contact us.

Seminar ThemeRoom Design

Seminar DesignColor Design

 Seminar ArchitctureColor Texture

    Interior Design   Dimensional Design

EngineeringFabrication Design

Lighting DesignSpecial Effects

Graphic DesignProduction Design

Prop DesignMaster Planning

Sound Design  Research & Development

Media Design          

      Construction Management

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