Innovationeer™  English Programs

English as a Second Language (ESL) and 
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) 

ICAL Accelerative Learning Innovationeer™ courses teach English 50% to 75% faster than traditional methods!

In addition to faster results, students learn 78 critical skills to succeed in the global Knowledge Economy.

ICAL's ESL and ESP courses can be customized to educational or workplace environments from Novice to Advanced proficiency levels in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Each Innovationeer course is a thrilling live simulation for participants, taking them from familiar surroundings with 'Me and My Neighborhood' in Level 1 to a fantastic journey through time with 'Time Guardians' in Level 8!  

Designed like interactive adventures, each level develops increasingly challenging linguistic skills along with increasingly complex learning situations.

This builds the level of creativity, imagination and skill required - moving students from Novice level to Advanced level in a fully articulated course sequence. 

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