ICAL's Accelerative Learning Courses

ICAL creates Teacher and Student Innovationeers™ with a systematic combination of teacher training, student materials, and Accelerative Learning courses with articulated curriculum aligned to international standards.

ICAL has 12 levels of Accelerative Learning Teacher Training to develop motivated, skilled and effective Teacher Innovationeers™ within any culture or country.  An ICAL Teacher Innovationeer™ personifies the model of excellence that motivates students to become their individual possibilities.  

An ICAL teacher combines their training with ICAL’s Accelerative Learning Innovation Curriculum that motivates students to develop into Student Innovationeers™ who successfully demonstrate these skills in two languages.

ICAL’s Innovation Curriculum is used in all Accelerative Learning Innovation Courses to provide a fully articulated sequence of courses for all grades and all proficiency levels.

Each ICAL Innovation Course provides six different components that develop student skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in their native language and their second language.  

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